Rudy García Rudyrudisimo

Was born in Santiago Dominican Republic on October 24

I started at an early age to work radius at the age of 14 years. I started as an operator audio and control console in a radio station in my hometown Santiago de los Caballeros Rep. Dom. With a great approach to one day be speaker which was my dream.

In my childhood I always had a penchant for working radio Echo while the kids liked to ramble on weekends I was going to give me a walk through the different radio stations to watch the speakers from the glass cabin working hours and hours and for me it was a great joy. Then I continued my studies to finish school at age 17 even though my parents were against me to be speaker for the bad reputation and bad employee who were the speakers. I had a dream of being a great communicator but indulged my parents even though I wanted to study architecture was a very expensive career and began studying tourism management company but did not succeed in this attempt. But progress was being made on the radio, I labored in different stations in my city Santiago until I did a course of speech and journalism which either end but over the years gained a lot of experience and putting into practice what I learned in school and experience me achieve broadcaster.

I went to take the test to get my license and license announcer in 1990 Labore radio stations prestige in my country then in 1989 I had to emigrate to the United States and in 1990 return to my country to follow my dream to become a prominent radio personality and tv. I was given the opportunity in a TV show in Santiago tv on channel 7 cibao then gave me an opportunity to work for a channel nationally as a reporter for the independent circuit what is now known as Telemicro, then comes a big radio project Santiago Rep. Dom. (Regional Radio turbo 98) auditioned and was one of those chosen to work on this great project since its inception became the season’s # 1 cibao this was in 1992.

In 1994 I received an offer from station director Gabriel grullon and Roberto Rodriguez working in Santo Domingo at a station they also ran in the Dominican capital (Super Q) owned merenguero Jossie Estevan that became the # 1 Sto . Dgo. and we do not include as one of the most important figures of the time. In this same time it gives me the opportunity to animate a show nationally for independence circuit channel 6 cheerful today with Miguel Ortega Telemicro people. Then my dream materializes and offer me come to America to New York specifically to work on the world famous 97.9 Mega mind which work from 1995 to 2001 and that is when I accept a great deal for a station N.Y. named Latin mix 105.9 there labored until 2002 and then return to Mega 97.9 until 2006. This is when I take a break in my career and decide to give another direction to my life and entered Christianity and offer my talents to the media Christians where I got the opportunity to work for Radio Vision Cristiana and Alert Radio NY until 2007. where born an ambitious project in Philadelphia Pennsylvania where it gives me great position as director of morning show and production assistant (Rumba 104.5) of the prestigious American multinational company Clear Cannel and work until 2008. Then undertake a major challenge to throw as an independent producer making this great project (Area8090 that has grown thanks to the Eternal God which we have taken different US market and we have grown internationally as Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Europe. currently I’m working for a large company Davidson Media Group and substations (Mega 1310) in Philadelphia making the shift (3 to 7 pm Monday Friday) and (Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm) our room 809 area.